Got another Kai Rescue for you all! A four month old male... (updated pic link)
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    Coming straight from Taiwan! Anyone interested? The first one looks like a Kai to me. I'm not sure if the 1st and 2nd aren't littermates.

    Here's the email I got from Red the No. Ca. Shiba Inu Rescue

    "I received email from a group (different than AHAN) called TUAPA ... it's a group I've been working with for a year and a half and have taken 9 Shibas from.

    Are these Kai Kens ?

    They are puppies, about 4 months old. The all black one, Hei Mei, is shy and
    reserved. Sweet but scared. The one with the white on the chest and feet,
    Hei Ha, is sweet and outgoing.

    I wish I could take them both, but I have 5 right now, and getting two Shibas
    from TUAPA tentatively on June 2nd. This will give me 7, again ...sigh... and
    one of the Shibas doesn't like other dogs. Which makes for a lot more work.

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    Beautiful boys....I'd love one! But I think I'd probably have better luck with a dog that is bigger than my Shibas (and I have the Kai-sized Shibas at 40 and 30 lbs....) It's REALLY tempting though....good thing I'm not THAT close to California or I'd probably be TOO tempted.
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    Aww! Such cute dogs Hei Ha and Hei Mei are cute pups I hope they get good homes.

    Hei Mei stole my heart I love those pictures of him. =)
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    Hei Mei looks like Koda did at that age. He also looks like Koda's dad's pics at that age. He kind've stole my heart too.
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    Had email exchange with Red Young. Will not be posting this on Shiba Meetup Board since pups not on way into country.
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    If anyone is interested in getting more info. on Kais or meeting them I am happy to speak with them and take the kids down for them to meet.
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