GSD & GSD mix Rescue in Baltimore, MD area
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    These two dogs belong to some friends. Their one year old daughter has become so allergic to them that she makes herself bleed due to scratching. It's pretty urgent they find new homes. While the owners would prefer they stay together, it is definitely not a requirement. Details below, PLEASE REPOST!

    Contact if you or someone you know is interested.




    82 lbs
    Approximately 3 years old

    Ranger, Ranger, Ranger....what can I say about Ranger? We rescued Ranger from the Annapolis SPCA on 2008. Ranger is a pure bred German Shepherd Dog. According to the SPCA, he is a “blue” which, according GSD enthusiasts, is not a good line of GSDs. Ranger’s previous owners kept him locked up in an apartment bathroom for most of his puppy life. When we took him home, he had a lot to learn. He came to us with no manners. He would jump all over people and knocked people over. He was also not a very confident dog. Ranger didn’t even know how to play with a ball or chew on a bone!

    Ranger is Forest Gump, just in dog form. He will do whatever you ask him to but he can’t figure it out on his own. He’s very athletic and light on his feet. He’s sweet, lovable, and LOVES attention. He still has a lot of issues with regards to confidence. He’s skittish around new people but when he gets to know you he loves for you to be around. He is really skittish around new men. He’s also skittish around new dogs. Ranger has two personalities: outside and inside. Outside Ranger is a confident dog and not really afraid to go anywhere. He’ll even bark at other dogs, chase squirrels, cats...pretty much anything that moves. He’ll also bark at passers-by. Inside he’s totally different. He’s timid, nervous, and likes to just sleep. His favorite spot in on our loveseat and he is not comfortable anywhere else.

    Ranger gets excited very easily. This sometimes leads to him urinating. We usually have to pay him no mind when we get home and let him settle down before acknowledging him.

    Health-wise Ranger has some issues common with GSDs. When we rescued him, he tested positive for Lyme Disease so we had to treat him as such. He took a regiment of pills for a couple of weeks and everything turned out ok. He has some skin issues. They usually pop up during the spring time. We believe he’s allergic to the pollen. His ears easily get infected as well. We have to make sure his ears are completely dry after giving him baths. Ranger also has stomach problems. A straight dry food diet does not work. We mix high-quality dry food (Biljac) and Costco wet food. If not, his stool is very wet and he doesn’t keep weight. We have been told that GSDs commonly have digestive issues.

    Ranger knows the following commands:
    - Inside - stay
    - upstairs - leave it
    - down
    - up
    - heel
    - come
    - no
    - sit



    Sophie -
    79 lbs
    Approximately 4 years old

    We rescued Sophie from the Annapolis SPCA in 2007. She’s was described as a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix. She is a super smart and sweet....and she’s a diva. She loves to be the center of attention. It doesn’t matter who you are, she wants you to pet her. She can be a little rambunctious around small children and also try to compete for attention. Health-wise she is the model dog. She’s never had any major medical issues other than her getting into a little scrap with Ranger and tearing a lip a little. She healed in a week or so and everything was fine.

    Being that she was a rescue, there are a lot of behavioral issues that we find hard to curb. One of her issues is getting into the trash and eating plastic things. We have no clue why she does this. We’ve tried everything from locking the kitchen trash can to setting up “noise traps” to discourage this behavior. She’ll be fine for a couple months then one day we’ll come home and there’s a chewed up plastic bag on the floor and she’s in the corner. We’ll also find random things in her feces (plastic clip, paper, bits of whatever). This doesn’t happen all of the time but it does happen. Thankfully, she hasn’t had any issues doing this. Second issue is dominance. We would take her to the dog park all of the time, but when my wife got pregnant, things changed in Sophie. She would growl and anyone/anything that wasn’t Ranger. Her hackles would raise and she would be “on guard.” While his is “normal” dog behavior in some respect, Sophie’s was a little more pronounced. She is a nosy, busy body who loves to get into everyones business and this has led to a couple of scraps in the dog park. Each dog is different with her though, some dogs she can hang out with all day and never have an issue. I suggest “testing” the waters with another dog first before fully introducing her to any dog (as should any owner do).

    Sophie is also a “flight risk.” We rescued her when she was about 2 years old and the previous owners didn’t teach her to be mindful of humans. If she sees an opening or she’s not on a leash, she WILL run. Getting her back can be difficult. We have gone through several instances of her bolting out of the door. The last episode she actually came back to the front of the house. We have no idea why she does this, but she does.

    Sophie enjoys looking out of the window. That’s “her job.” She makes an excellent look out. I believe that is the Australian Shepherd in her. She’s also extremely smart and can figure things out. She’ll also do pretty much anything for a treat.

    Basic commands that she knows:
    - Sit - heel
    - lay down - No
    - stay
    - move
    - up
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    Dave, I am passing this along to the Southeast German Shepherd Rescue. Hopefully they can find a good home for them both!
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    Thanks Casey!
    Dave, proudly owned by Joey (Shiba Inu), Tyson (Kai Ken), and PRG's Mason Julien McDieserton III, a.k.a. Diesel (Labrador Retriever).
    "My opinion may have changed, but not the fact that I'm right"