Pair of Jindos - NJ
  • Hello, all. I am looking into the possibility of adopting my two Jindos out due to unforeseen circumstances. My situation hasn't come down to the wire yet so I would like to be diligent and take the time in finding them a home.

    I posted on here a little over a year ago inquiring about these Jindos, asking about the breed, etc. Someone suggested I foster them instead of adopting them. I wanted to adopt them, which I did. I originally had one Shiba Inu and the male Jindo ended up not being able to get along with him whatsoever. We lived with it for about a year, separating them, etc. and then I had to move across the country. My boyfriend (my now ex) agreed to keep the Shiba for me and I would take the two Jindos with me. The plan was, at the time, that we would make arrangements to reunite after a year (he would move to be with me) but then he terminated our relationship.

    He is now in a place where he can no longer take care of my Shiba, and I cannot keep all 3 dogs. And I cannot for the life of me give up my 7 year old Shiba that I've raised since puppyhood. So as much as I hate to do it, I think it is in the best interest of all parties, human and canine, that I find a better home for my Jindos so that I can fly my Shiba out to be with me.

    I would like to fully disclose everything about them. They were originally my ex's parents' dogs. They had them since they were puppies but never put the time into socializing either of them. They are currently about 2-3 years old, both fixed, a male and a female.

    They both warm up to people incredibly slowly compared to a typical, friendly dog. They are devoted to only a handful of people depending on how much time you spend handling them. Currently, my two are like my shadows and love nothing more than cuddling and playing with me. But when I first went to pick them up they were aloof and wary and wanted nothing to do with me.

    They are undersocialized as I have previously stated, so being out in the open scares them.

    They are very typical Jindos in some ways, some not. The female is shy, sweet, docile, and submissive. The male is boisterous and much more confident about approaching me. He likes to wiggle his head underneath my arms when asking to be hugged.

    They both have issues with other dogs. I'm not sure if the male is same-sex aggressive or aggressive in general but he did not get along whatsoever with my other male dog. I am not sure if the female is same-sex aggressive but after some bickering was able to get along with my other male dog. The male is especially territorial which can be evidenced when we take walks and there are other dogs in the vicinity.

    As for a potential adopter, I am looking for someone who has experience with Jindos and/or are aware of the challenges of living with and training such dogs. It may be preferable that they do not go to a home that already has dogs. They seem to be okay with cats as long as the cat knows how to stand its ground.

    I would prefer that they went together. They have not been separated since they were puppies.

    As of yet I am not asking for any adoption fees but would require vet and personal references, as well as a signing of a contract with various provisions including one stipulating that ownership of them would revert back to me if for any reason the adopter were unable to keep them anymore.

    I am currently located in northern NJ. I am willing to drive out up to around a 3-hour distance for the right person(s).

    Pictures of them can be seen here:

    If you or anyone you know would be interested, please do not hesitate to contact me or pass along the info.

    Thank you for your time.
  • I passed this info to Rosalind with Two Dog Farms Jindo Rescue in CA. She has passed it to one of the east coast Jindo rescues. (Not sure which one) Hope this helps.