Nihonken Invitational - November 2nd 2014 Claremont California Trophy Sponsors Sheet Posted 8/18/14


I can finally put a name on the date.

For the past couple years there has been a lot of talk about getting a west coast show going for our Nihonken members. At our general meeting in Feb, JACA members were very interested in having a second show. So we decided to put the two ideas together into one show.

We are calling it the Nihonken Invitational and we are licensed for the following breeds: Akita(Japanese) Akita(American, Shiba, Shikoku, Kai, Kishu, Hokkaido, and Jindo. JACA has also put in for a full Altered Class show and a Non-Licensed Class puppies(3mo-just under 6mo). There will also be Junior Showmanship classes as well. To keep cost under control I'm not adding anything else for this first show. This is a conformation only show(s)

JACA is also opting to make it a two show day. Show 1 then a break and then Show 2. UKC shows tend to run rather quickly since everything is handled as group showing and not single showing. I like the idea of two shows since it allows us to show under two different judges. It also exposes two different judges to breeds that they normally don't see. I've got signed contracts for both judges. The two show day also helps those who want to show and live out of town.

The location is the Hotel Claremont: So the show and accommodations are one the same site. I will post room rates ASAP.

Costs, I'm aiming on keeping the show entry fees low. My goal is to offer: Pre-entry $20 one show/ Day of show entry $25/$30entering the same dog in both shows. So no mix and matching.

I don't have the time to setup a pre-show event. Would nihonken forum members be interested in getting something going for Saturday? I would love to have a pre-show event.

Like I said in my other post, JACA is handling the big ticket items: Show site costs, Judges fees, etc. We will be offering sponsorships for the awards. If we can get the bulk of the awards sponsored, this would allow me offer rosettes all the way through the best of winners of each breed. We have to buy ALOT of awards to get this off the ground. @ayk and @poeticdragon be ready to fix my math errors :) But we are offering 8 breeds for this show. So the current plan is to use group showing as the final round of the show. So final placements would be the 1st - 4th place finishers of group showing of the regular show and the 1st-4th place finishers of the altered show. Then each breed has to have this on hand for both the altered and regular show:

Best of Breed -Rosette
Grand Champion -Rosette
Champion -Rosette
Reserve Champion -Rosette
Best of Winners -Rosette
Best Male -Ribbon
Reserve Best Male -Ribbon
Best Female -Ribbon
Reserve Best Female -Ribbon
Breeder Handler M/F 1st-4th Ribbon
Adult M/F 1st-4th Ribbon
Senior M/F 1st-4th Ribbon
Junior M/F 1st-4th Ribbon
Puppy M/F 1st-4th Ribbon

I was thinking it would be cool to get breed clubs to sponsor the Best of Breed for each of the breeds. What I did for our speciality was have each sponsorship cover both the regular and altered show. With the classes involving ribbons being very affordable. The breed club wouldn't need to be a UKC club at all. We would publish the awards sponsor on the show website and premium.

Finally the big question - Can I show even if I don't want to register with UKC? Yes but with a big * next to it. UKC allows you to get a Temp Listing number for your dog. You can still get awards at the show but it wont go towards your champion points or your top 10 points. This is a great work around for anyone who isn't into the UKC thing or AKC thing. You can still come out show, educate, and enjoy the weekend.

UKC registration and TL information. Note Japanese Akita TL numbers are going to start requiring the same pedigree check as regular single registration.

Once I get the license and the listing appears on the ukc website, I'll post more information.

EDIT- Here is the show poster.


  • I'm excited! I got my AA her UKC registration for this, and it arrived in the mail on Friday. I'm really looking forward to having JA and AA in the ring together - in different breeds - in the US for the first time.
  • HANA can sponsor the Hokkaido BOB if any show up, and we would also like to make a raffle basket if allowed.
  • I'm required to offer certain awards no matter what so if something is sponsored it is with the knowledge that it may not be given out. Because there is a good chance that many classes offered may not have dogs, I will try to price accordingly.

    When I did our speciality our top award was $50(maybe$60) I think 50. But that got the sponsor best of breed (highest speciality award) both in Regular and Altered Show. I'm working on the awards budget as we speak. Except where I'm required to offer certain colors - the base color scheme for the awards is going to orange white (two color) and orange white silver (three color). The good news is our awards lady has great prices.

  • I think the Reserve Champion could be bumped down to a fancy ribbon rather than a rosette...
  • Yeah we have lots of wiggle room. I'll have numbers later this week
  • I have started the early planning stage of trying to make it out for this. If it all work out I will be coming with a shiba and 3 Kai.
  • AAAHH that would be so cool!

    I would definitely come up for that :)

    If I wanted to come, could I bring my Kai and just be an observer?
  • I have started the early planning stage of trying to make it out for this. If it all work out I will be coming with a shiba and 3 Kai.
    Sweet I hope it all works out. I'm trying to get everything all planned out by the end of next month. So people can figure out room rates etc.

    AAAHH that would be so cool!

    I would definitely come up for that :)

    If I wanted to come, could I bring my Kai and just be an observer?
    Of course you can. UKC shows tend to be very friendly to people who are new to showing. @ayk can confirm, I handled for the first time just a few weeks ago. So if you're on the fence it's totally worth trying out.

    I'm hoping this show will be like the specialty with everyone hanging out BS with each other and watching the show.

  • Breed Handouts:

    JACA is planning on offering some sort of breed information sheet at the raffle table. I'm open to having one for all the breeds. If you are interested in doing one for your breed please volunteer.
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    @*JackBurton* great news!! I'm making an info board for Kai Ken to put up at the OC Pet Expo, if people like that info, maybe I can translate that into info sheets for the invitational :)
  • That would be great for the kai. The less stuff I have to haul cross country the better.
  • I'll check with Corina regarding what she's making for Shikoku. Hopefully we can re-use that same info for OC Pet Expo for the Invitational.

  • @sjp051993 That would be cool to see Arashi's parents and have them meetup again!
    Shows really aren't my thing but if enough interesting people and dogs go, I probably will too.
  • I am gonna try. Just gotta see how things go with work.
  • Depending on flight prices, I may be able to make it out! November is definitely enough time to plan this out with work. :)
  • Casey, come carpool with me!!!!
  • @sjp051993 - I may not be able to take that much time off work, so I would most likely have to fly out Friday and back on Sunday. But I may take you up on that if I end up being able to take some time off in November. :)
  • I need someone to drive cross country with me :)
  • It's only a 36 hour drive from my place.
  • @SJP051993 you have to drive right past us, but Nero and I aren't ready to be spectators yet :( Someday maybe. (and yes I said spectator!) We are going to look into agility training in this area though just for the fun of it.
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  • Did I hear my name? Ah, yes. The Invitational. I have been working on the logistics for this one. I don't think I will be able to do a drive across country. Too time consuming and depending on where I am at employment wise I won't have the time. BUT, I will be able to make it by plane IF California weather behaves and is not too hot and over 85 degrees. So stop with the record heat Cali! I can fly in Saturday and either leave late Sunday which will cut it really close or relax after the shows and leave Monday. I need to get my shiba UKC registered and I can bring her in addition to the JA and show her in the altered class. She is on the smaller side and only 21 pounds so I *might* be able to get her in cabin but my Big Boy Bok Choy has to be checked with the luggage. Worst case scenario I check both. They will probably be out of coat as this is the time of year they lose their summer coats and gear up for winter. I want to fly Delta since they seem to handle the pets the best and I am having a hard time finding direct flights from ANY Chicago airport to LAX. WTF?
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    Try to fly into Ontario it's 10 mins from the show site.

    Also Nov. 2 is the time change.

    Edit: Southwest flies Chicago to Ontario California direct nonstop.
  • Just curious but what sort of clothing can you wear while showing at a UKC event? Does JACA require a certain outfit?
  • Jeans and comfy shoes are standard attire at most UKC shows I have been to, not at all formal
  • I usually wear some dress slacks and a nice shirt. Comfortable shoes that I can run in but also look nice.
  • I wore jeans and a tshirt last time. For the specialty I upgrade to a button up shirt from
    the back of my closet.

  • Dress comfortable but not sloppy. Its respectful to the judge to take it serious and look nice. But you still need to be able to run on grass without breaking an ankle.
  • I know someone who showed in flipflops... :-\"
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